Vitamin E for Eczema


Vitamin E and Eczema

Vitamin E plays a role in many of the protective functions of the body from preventing cancer, treating diabetes and neurological diseases to maintaining heart health, improving physical performance and protecting the skin from aging and the effects of chemicals.

Its antioxidant and immune boosting effects are bountiful and helping treat eczema is just another one of vitamin E’s many positives.

Vitamin E and Eczema

Vitamin C seems to get all the press when it comes to its antioxidant attributes. But vitamin E is also a powerful antioxidant which is also keeping your inflammation down, your cardiovascular health good and your body from premature aging.

Eczema and asthma have been said to be one in the same disease with their seperate expressions being activated by the same cause; inflammatory histamine response.

With this in mind, one study found that for every milligram of vitamin E introduced to the daily diet, the IgE levels in asthma sufferers drops. IgE (Immunoglobulin E) is basically the antibody which binds to allergens and activates the release of the inflammation causing substances. In a nutshell, vitamin E lowers inflammation in the body. This is a real no-brainer... get it into ya!

Boost Vitamin E for Eczema

Some great ways to boost your vitamin E intake on a daily basis is through taking supplements and/or with introducing the following foods into your diet:

Bullet Point  Almonds
Bullet Point  Silken tofu
Bullet Point  Spinach
Bullet Point  Sunflower seeds roasted
Bullet Point  Avocados
Bullet Point  Shellfish
Bullet Point  Olive oil
Bullet Point  Broccoli
Bullet Point  Pumpkin
Bullet Point  Mangoes
Bullet Point  Cooked spinach
Bullet Point  Kiwi fruit
Bullet Point  Kale
Bullet Point  Asparagus
Bullet Point  Green olives

Vitamin E when combined with vitamin C create an amazing age-reducing concoction, as well as bolstering the compound effect on the immune system at the cellular level. This is why it is much better to eat a balanced diet as you have all of these wonderful vitamins in a single piece of fruit!

It is also a fat soluble vitamin, much like vitamin D, A and K. This means that when taking vitamin E, it is advantagous to also have some fat at the same time. Often supplements will come with an oil coating to help assimilation of the product.

The better products use a non-synthetic form of the vitamin and are non-gmo. It is always important to ensure the ingredients are of a high quality because each new cell in your body is going to be influenced by what you put into it and if you want to be made of good stuff, then you gotta eat good stuff!

That's why an oil-based softgel like Solgar Vitamin E may be a better option to help get your body on the right track.

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