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Sometimes in life we can find ourselves in a slump and in need of a pick-me-up. Often it can be as simple as some poignant and heartfelt words that fill us with hope and strength.

I have selected the quotes below because they have provided me with courage and have assisted me during trying times.

While touching eczema quotes may not be as soothing to the skin as some other remedies, it is equally important that your mental health is given the attention and care that it deserves. 

Conquering the power of thought can prove an almighty weapon, not just for battling eczema but in everything that life can throw at us.

Eczema Quotes

My top eczema quotes

I can still remember when I came across this text by Albert Camus, ironically it was one winter when I was having a sustained eczema flare up. It's is a message about staying positive in the face of what you may be experiencing. That you may not have control over what is happening to you, but you do have control over how you experience it.

Eczema Quote  

A similar theme is expressed by both Mahatma Gandhi and Marcus Aurelius:

Eczema QuoteEczema Quote

The Dalai Lama is never short of an inspirational message and this is one I find particularly motivating for maintaining hope.

Eczema Quote

I feel like, as an eczema sufferer, that ‘courage’ is something I had to learn about at an early age. It is something that you can hear about, but never really understand until you are faced with a situation that forces you to grow and strengthen your character even though it is hard. Especially because it is hard.

Christopher Paoloini and Mary Anne Radmacher really perfected it with their quotes below.

Eczema Quote Eczema Quote

When I find myself spending a disproportionate amount of time thinking about what the future has in store, I remind myself of a quote from Clippings from My Notebook. A truly remarkable book in itself by Corrie ten Boom, a World War II concentration camp survivor. 

Eczema Quote

Sometimes the hardest thing about having chronic eczema is that I feel ugly. I mean, really really ugly. People will often stop me to ask me what is wrong, have I had an accident, was I burnt. I can tell people are trying to look at my eczema without making it obvious and the tone in their voices when they tell me my skin isn’t looking too bad today is heavy with sympathy. 

I struggle a lot with being so far from beautiful, healthy and normal that I need to check myself and realize that my skin is not who I am. What I look like has nothing to do with what I offer as a human and it definitely does not determine my self-worth.

I copied these passages as eczema quotes during times when I felt my ugliest. They helped give me some balance and bring me back to reality, that beauty is nothing more than an illusion and my desire to not look ugly is trivial.

Eczema Quote Eczema Quote Eczema QuoteEczema Quote    

So, 'to be or not to be' impressed by my selection of eczema quotes. If you're not impressed, be sure to comment at the bottom of the page with your favorite words of wisdom and maybe help out a fellow eczema suffer going through a difficult time. As always reach out and support one another.

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