Vitamin C and eczema


Vitamin C and Eczema

This is probably the most famous ‘household name’ vitamin and has been around for many generations. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is found abundantly in fruits and vegetables however the majority of diets don’t include enough of these, so supplementation has been common place for some time.

With its powerhouse of important uses for the body, adequate vitamin C levels not only help strengthen the immune system to ward off viruses, bacteria and a profusion of other harmful microorganisms, but also to protect and heal the skin. Eczema patients can greatly benefit by its antihistamine action within the body, as well as its powerful antioxidant capacity and maintenance of the body’s components, including the skin.

The natural antihistamine action that vitamin C has within the body works by increasing the action of the enzyme called histaminase. What this does is speed up the breakdown process of the chemical responsible for inflammation, histamine. As eczema and topical steroid withdrawal sufferer’s bodies are experiencing a much higher histamine response, vitamin C becomes very important.

The best sources for finding vitamin C in nature

Bullet Point  Bell peppers (capsicum) particularly red and yellow
Bullet Point  Guavas
Bullet Point  Leafy greens (dark varieties like kale)
Bullet Point  Kiwi fruit
Bullet Point  Broccoli
Bullet Point  Berries (particularly strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are also beneficial)
Bullet Point  Citrus (particularly oranges, pomelo, grapefruit and lemon)
Bullet Point  Papaya
Bullet Point  Mango
Bullet Point  Pineapple
Bullet Point  Cantaloupe melon
Bullet Point  Peas

As vitamin C is found abundantly in plants, supplementation was not always viewed as necessary. That was until recent studies found that approximately 15% of US adults were estimated to be deficient, which is at least a 10% increase from a quarter century ago. So with vitamin C levels on the decline, supplementation becomes an area that should be seriously considered for those hoping to boost their healing potential.

When taking a vitamin C supplement, be aware that the body has a limit to the amount it can absorb at any one time. Any excess intake of this nutrient passes right through the body which is why it is more efficient to take smaller doses of vitamin C spread throughout the day, as opposed to all at once.

Some of the most popular and highly rated vitamin C supplements on the market are BulkSupplements Pure Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Powder and Nutrigold Vitamin C Gold.

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