Is Vaseline Good For Eczema?


Is Vaseline Good for Eczema?

Vaseline is a common household name, having been used for many generations in the home for all manner of treatments and skin requirements ranging from nappy rash to creating a barrier on the skin for dry skin, dermatitis and eczema.

Is vaseline good for eczema?

Vaseline for Eczema

Many eczema sufferers find that with the severity of their issue, in many cases, Vaseline is the only product that their skin can tolerate. With the potential chronic state of eczema, at times anything that is applied topically can cause irritation or pain which is why Vaseline is one of several staple treatments for many sufferers as it is said to be the most basic and gentle barriers that they have found.

Don't let the term 'petroleum jelly' deter you. It is true that Vaseline is a petroleum by-product, however it is not actually petroleum. Vaseline is triple purified and held up to extremely strict standards which is why it is guaranteed as 100% pure. Other petroleum jelly products on the market can lack the same strict standards and so you may not be protected from potentially harmful ingredients.

As an effective barrier, Vaseline works by creating a seal over the skin, much like plastic cling wrap over a bowl. This locks in moisture as well as establishes protection against outside allergens which would otherwise easily penetrate the skin barrier, creating aggravation.

Vaseline is gentle enough to use for treatments on babies, as has been practiced for many generations. Let this be an indication of its gentle nature applied to delicate skin. It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic which means that it is formulated so as to not block the pores in the skin. This product can also be used to protect minor burns and superficial cuts and scrapes to the skin if the area is clean before application.

One of the aspects we love the most about this product is that is doesn't contain any fragrances or colors which are known irritants found in other barrier creams; obvious no-no's for eczema and atopic dermatitis sufferers. Plus it is one of the cheapest eczema treatments, usually selling for under $10.

Please see for yourself some glowing reviews for Vaseline here.

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