So, I thought I would consolidate all of the resources that have helped me through my eczema and topical steroid withdrawal journey in one place.

But please note, every body is different and each person reacts differently to certain things. So always exercise caution and good judgement and please seek the advice of a medical practitioner before starting anything new.

I will continue to update these resources, so I recommend you get your bookmark mouse clicky action going for easy reference.

Disclaimer - Some of the links below, at no additional cost to you, will earn me a small commission if you decide to click the link and make a purchase. Yippy! I have experience with all of these products, and I only recommend the products that I know first hand to be effective for me, not because of the commissions I make if you decide to buy. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will help you with your healing. Feel free to ask me any questions about these resources. Okies?


Eczema Blog


Eczema Journey: My personal journey through topical steroid withdrawal. Often sad, sometimes inspirational, usually comical.

Eczema Journey



Nutribullet: After my rather poor experience with the Magic Bullet, I'm not sure why I opted to try the leveled up version, but I'm really glad I did. The Nutribullet is a necessity for my morning breakfast. The old gal has stood the test of time and the daily demands I place on her.

Try the Bullet or click see the UK version here. 



Breville Juice Fountain: This guy just keeps going and going! I've had it for maybe 4 years now and it just keeps working, no matter how much I put it through. Tough as nails. What I also love about it is I can put the parts in the dishwasher, so I'm not spending time scrubbing the little fibers out of the every bit.

Breville Juice Fountain

Breville Juice Fountain Elite

Juicer Upgrade 

Breville Juice Fountain Elite: When I finally decide to upgrade, I'm going for this big kahuna!

Breville Juice Fountain Elite


Aloe Vera Gel: When my skin was ready to start accepting lotions again, I found aloe vera gel was as calming as I read it would be. 

Really good to sooth the burning redness and I even found it didn't sting the minor open bits that I had scratched. 

Aloe vera gel isn't deeply moisturizing, but it is great for cooling and calming.

> ArtNaturals Aloe Vera Gel or click see the UK version here.

Phyto Corrective Gel


Phyto Corrective Gel: The first moisturizer that my face tolerated! Moderately moisturizing, no irritation and mildly soothing.

I only tried it on my face because it isn't cheap I didn't want to waste it on my limbs. I recommend looking into it if you are wanting a product to put some moisture back into your face.

> Phyto Corrective Gel or click see the UK version here.


Rose hip oil: I used this light weight oil after I was through the worst symptoms and even then, only in certain spots. It is amazingly nourishing and helps relieve the horrible chronic dryness and shedding.

Rose hip oil or click see the UK version here. 

Nitrile Gloves Eczema


Nitrile Gloves: Sometimes the brain doesn't work in the manner you want it to. Wearing gloves to pat my dog was one of those simple ideas that took someone else to tell me about, months after I was resolved to never touch my dog again. This was because I realized he was causing severe irritation to my skin and asthma. If I didn't stop touching him, I would be stuck in second gear indefinitely.

So now I keep a pair of nitrile gloves (because I don't trust latex) at the ready and every time I get 'gloved up', his tail will wag like an outboard motor.

> Nitrile gloves or click see the UK version here. 

Mattress Protector

Dust Mite & Allergy Protectors

Mattress and Pillow Protectors: When I realized the amount of dust mites and dust mite ‘leavings’ (the actual allergen) my mattress and pillow was most likely harboring, I felt sick. Not surprisingly, once I covered them with good quality dust mite protection, I felt much more comfortable while in bed, I had less of that uncontrollable ‘night time itch’, and thus my sleep improved dramatically.

> Mattress Protectors or click see the UK version here. 
> Pillow Protectors or click see the UK version here. 

Air purifier

Air Purifier

Having an air purifier in my room has saved me time and time again from the dust and dust mites in the air, my dog's dander floating around the place and all manner of toxic fumes, sprays and chemicals used in and around the house.

They should have a HEPA filter to trap away all the nasties and stop them from recycling in to the air to give you the cleanest air possible. A god send when you also have asthma!

Air Purifier

Air purifier eczema



Honeywell Humidifier: This was actually one the first bigger purchases I made into starting my topical steroid withdrawal journey because my internal temperature regulation was so out of whack, that I felt constantly cold and needed heat all the time!

Being the type of person who hates overly humid environments, this was a big thing for me so I bought this humidifier knowing it would get me through winter with its cruel and cold dryness.

Once winter was over, my temperature regulation was back to normal again so I sold it on to a better home.

Honeywell Humidifier


This is one of THE MOST important things you can do to heal your gut and improve your eczema and topical steroid withdrawal symptoms. As I have mentioned on this site before, our gut houses approximately 80% of our immune system and not only that, but this good bacteria is influential in the protection and hence, healing capacity of our digestive systems. 

I personally use a fridge stored probiotic (needs to be kept cold), for no other reason than out of habit. But shelf-stable products out there are supposedly exactly the same in terms of delivered benefits. In my opinion they would also be more convenient, so one of these days I will change my old ways!

Here I wanted to list some of the better shelf-stable products which range in vegetarian sourced to not.



Vegan Probiotics: Suitable for vegans, which means it is dairy free. My current probiotic is dairy free, which makes me feel good!

Probiotics Flora Pro-Health by Naturenetics or click see the UK equivalent here. 


Non-Vegan Probiotics: This one comes with some pretty decent reviews which is why I would consider using this brand if I weren't concerned with keeping it vegan.

> Pure Biotics Probiotics Supplement or click see the UK equivalent here. 

Healthy fats

Maintaining daily healthy fats in my diet has helped substantially, not only with their cell strengthening capacity but also because a lot of vitamins are fat soluble, meaning they need fat to be able to break down for the body to use.

Because I avoid eating meat, only eating on very rare occasions, I prefer to get my fats from the best natural food source - Flaxseeds. Well, flaxseed oil to be exact. It is full of beneficial Omega 3's, as well as other important nutrients and I use it in my breakfast smoothies as well as over salads.

Healthy Fats

Flaxseed Gels: Taking flaxseed oil daily has been a crucial part of my supplementation before and during TSW. It is my main and sometimes only source of the best essential fatty acids available and is helping plump out and nourish every cell in my body. And that makes me feel good!

NatureWise Organic Flaxseed Gels or click see the UK equivalent here.

Healthy Fats

Krill Oil: For those who are happy to get their good fats from animals, krill oil seems like one of the best sources. This particular product has literally thousands of positive reviews which is why I wanted to feature it here for ya'll.

Viva Labs Krill Oil or click see the UK version here. 


People may not think that adding vitamins and minerals to their diets via supplementation is beneficial, however for someone suffering from eczema or going through topical steroid withdrawal, I would almost say they are critical.

The benefits of adding good quality supplements are huge. Considering the gut and nutrient absorbing capacity of the digestive system is compromised in most, if not all, people with these conditions; its no surprise there are many deficiencies discovered in clinical testing. 

My method is to simply pack my body with as much bio-available, quality and nutrient dense nourishment as possible to give every new cell the best possible chance at health.

Vitamin C Powder


Vitamin C Powder: Get the Vitamin C powerhouse into your daily diet!

If your diet is lacking in fresh fruit and vegetables or if you just want to boost your nutrition to give your body a fighting chance at health and healing, introduce some Vitamin C!

Vitamin C Powder or click see the UK equivalent here.


Vitamin C Capsules: Vitamin C, in my opinion, is an undervalued vitamin essential for skin health and found in high doses in fruit and vegetables.

I've seen the western diet and it can definitely do with a boost! Even though I eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables, my skin and gut issues means I need to help my body out a little and taking Vitamin C has given me big boosts to my overall health and immunity.

Vitamin C Capsules or click see the UK equivalent here.


Supergreens: Nutrient dense, immune boosting, alkalizing and healing for the body, Supergreens have been a staple in my diet for many years. I found an instant increase in my immunity when I began taking Supergreens and have since found that this products is the best suited for me and my needs. 

Full of 'the good stuff' with nothing harmful or triggering for eczema.

Supergreens Powder or click see the UK version here. 
> Also comes in Capsule Formclick see the UK version here. 


Zinc: Here is one of those minerals which is oh so necessary for our skin health but is so deficient in eczema sufferers. If your diet is lacking in zinc rich foods, supplementation is a good idea when trying to heal from eczema or topical steroid addiction because zinc can help with everything surround this skin issue, including immunity and inflammation. 

> Zinc Powder 
> They also come in Zinc tablets or click see the UK equivalent here.


Vitamin D3: I try to get as much sun as I can, which works out to be two parts of nothing most days and I know this story is common for a LOT of people. It must be because Vitamin D deficiency is so common now and also painfully common in people suffering from eczema. 

The healing and immune strengthening capacity of Vitamin D goes down to the DNA and if you aren't getting enough sunlight, then boosting your intake by supplements is a good idea. Vitamin D3 is the beneficial D Vitamin.

NatureWise or click see the UK version here. 



Vitamin E: Before I improved my diet I used to take Vitamin E every day. I don't take these often anymore, but these little guys are packed with skin protecting benefits and age-reducing capabilities when combined with Vitamin C. 

Solgar Vitamin E Soft Gels or click see the UK version here. 


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  1. I have barely begun my journey with TSW. I stopped TS totally just a few days before Christmas, although I had been trying to stop or “cut down” on them for the past several months, but kept getting worse flares and more affected areas. I’d been trying all sorts of ointments etc on my skin as well – looking for improvement. On New Years Eve morning I woke up really red and swollen in my face, so I went to the ER and they of course gave me prednisone IV, as well as some different antihistamines, anyway, so I’m really only 2 weeks since NO steroids now. I also only learned of RSS or TSW when I got home from the ER and did some more research online and found ITSAN and Dr. Rappaport’s websites. What a relief to know what it is that I am up against, and that is is not just worsening eczema/allergies like I had thought. Although I was shocked to hear how long it takes to heal. :-( I’ve continued to look for answers and help, and am very glad to have found your site!!! I’ve read some things about “biofilms” of Staphylococcus-aureus causing eczema, and that oddly enough, xylitol (the artificial sweetener) along with certain essential oils, such as sandalwood or tea tree oil combat these biofilms which are living on our eczema skin. I’ve been putting my own concoction of “Silver Sol” mixed with xylitol and sandalwood and tea tree oil (and sometimes coconut oit too) for 3 days now and my red rashes on my face, neck, upper chest and arms has lightened up a great deal. I’m hoping I am “on to something” and just wondered if you or anyone else has tried any of these ingredients and if they had helped. Thanks for any feedback! :-)

    1. Hi Jeanne,
      Your concoction sounds fantastic! I have never heard of anything like this before, you’re taking to it ‘scientist style’! I know tea tree oil has been helpful to some sufferers, but never heard of an artificial sweetener being used. I’m really interested to see how this mixture goes for you long term. Please keep me posted.
      Sounds like you had a shaky start. Doesn’t it make a big difference once you realise what is going on?! It’s really funny you say this because I kind of started the same way. It wasn’t until about month three that I found out there was a name for this process and everything I was experiencing was normal and there were literally thousands (!!) of others going through the exact same thing. It would have been nice to have had prior knowledge so we could have at least prepared, but we are here now and we do the best we can.
      Interesting how you flared badly on new years morning. I wonder if the festivities contributed? A lot of people’s TSW symptoms react badly to certain foods, coffee and alcohol. It definitely reacts badly with my skin, unfortunately.
      The healing time is jarring, to say the least. But remember, those estimates are not a given, they are just a guide. I have seen exceptions to this and in any case, the healing estimate is for ‘complete’ recovery… the worst symptoms are generally over much sooner than this. I’ve actually done a podcast on this very subject.
      So now you know what lies ahead of you, you have still decided to take the leap. That is huge – many people would run the other way. I really do hope the worst passes for you fast and that your mixture helps you along the way.
      Sending you some healing vibes!

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