11 Foods to Avoid with Eczema and TSW


11 Foods to Avoid with Eczema and TSW

Sweet butter balls of fairy floss, Batman! Why is my last pleasure on earth responsible for such tidal waves of itchy redness washing over my body!?

Well Robin, this is far more common than you might realize.

Today I discuss all things culinary and of course foods to avoid with eczema. Here's what will be covered:

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  How it all starts
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Why a diet change is a good idea
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Worst foods for eczema
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Cravings
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Allergies/Intolerance
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  The lesson
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Words of encouragement

worst foods for eczema

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Most of us have been raised on relatively basic food. We grow up with milk and cereal or peanut butter on toast breakfasts, cheese and ham lunches, and meat and veg dinners. If we were lucky, we would be treated with pasta, ice cream, or home-made cake.

worst foods for eczema encouragement early

While this food was hearty and delicious, it can be unknowingly detrimental to some and a family simply living on one wage in the lower-middle class suburbia have to make-do with whats available. 

So we grow up with the instinct that meals predominantly consist of processed food, and our treats are meant to be fried or high in refined sugar – but we don’t consciously see it this way, we just see it simply as ‘food’. This has become a problem not only for our skin, but for overall health.

This psychological connection to certain diets is not to be underestimated. It hooks us in at an early age, and ultimately becomes part of our lifestyles and the way we cope with stress. Ironically, this less healthy diet can actually be reason for our ill health, thus, the reason for our stress in the first place. (the story of my life!)

The significance of diet for good health is widely known, however is often overlooked when it comes to naturally treating conditions such as eczema.


The rate of people dying through preventable diseases is huge, and chronic inflammation lies at its core.

worse foods for eczema

Eczema is an inflammatory disease; therefore if you eat a diet which promotes anti-inflammation, you can potentially reduce eczema symptoms and even reduce the severity of some topical steroid withdrawal symptoms (I can personally testify to this!). The problem is that when the remedy is to simply change our diet, we tend to shy away. 


Here is a list of the worst of the worst foods to avoid with eczema. They are the pinnacle of what you should definitely eat if you’ve decided you don’t have enough itching or rashes in your life.

worse foods for eczema

It might be worth noting that most inflammatory reactions caused by food are actually said to be ‘intolerance’ rather than an allergy, which can explain why allergy testing does not shed much light on food culprits.

Now, are you ready to begin the journey towards mourning the loss of your favorite junk food?

Here goes.

1. Refined sugar

To be clear, refined and heavily processed sugar is generally speaking, not exactly considered a healthy food. Sure, in small amounts it may be considered beneficial for some people in certain circumstances, but the problem is that refined sugar is consumed knowingly and unknowingly, in biblical proportions. And it’s killing us.

This delicious not-food has had many generations of us hooked and it lays inconspicuous in many every-day foods, including:

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Salad dressings
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Cereal
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Sauces
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Bread
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  White wine
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Crackers
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Yogurt
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Juices
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Muesli bars

Meanwhile, refined sugar doesn’t even try to hide itself in these foods which should actually be considered rare ‘treats’, however are regularly included in our daily meals and therefore, grossly abused:

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Soda
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Cakes
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Cookies
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Candy
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Spreads
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Ice cream
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Doughnuts

There is evidence to suggest that people can become addicted to sugar. It can cause issues for those with auto-immune problems as it raises the insulin/blood sugar levels which in turn alerts the body to send out cytokines; the immunity messengers responsible for inflammation.

Among other unwanted side-effects, the overuse of this product is also strongly linked with gut bacterial imbalance, sometimes leading to the overgrowth of candida and potentially Leaky Gut – the syndrome responsible for even more inflammation in the body - which is why it is one of the foods to avoid with eczema.

2. Trans Fats

This fat occurs naturally in animal meat and dairy, and is also synthetically produced by humans to make certain foods taste good, such as:

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Baked goods e.g. cakes, pies, cookies, crackers, doughnuts
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Margarine
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Microwave popcorn
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  French fries
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Ice cream
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Fried and battered food
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Creamers
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Pancakes
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Processed meat
…and the list goes on!

Trans fats are more commonly known as the fat which increases our bad cholesterol while lowering our good cholesterol. But what is lesser known is that it can also trigger inflammation within the system, which can spell disaster not only for our overall health, but also the delicate eczema and topical steroid withdrawal skin.

In a study performed on over 700 women, pro-inflammatory effects were discovered to be higher in those with diets high in trans fatty acids over those with lower amounts. So if we want to win the war against inflammation; avoiding foods high in trans fats is a good weapon to have. 

Thankfully the negative impact trans fats have on human health is becoming better understood, leading to many food manufacturers ceasing, or at least limiting, their use. But that doesn’t meant it isn’t lurking in your next lunch, so this is one food to avoid with eczema! Shop wisely!

3. White flour

worst foods for eczema white flower

White flour products are a staple for many families, but it is potentially wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting. It is pervasive throughout the standard household and is found in many foods such as:

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  White bread
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Pasta
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Cereal
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Bagels, scrolls, cakes, and other baked goods
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point