Your Eczema May Save Your Life


Your Eczema May Save Your Life

12 February 2016

Today you shall embrace your inflammation like it’s saving your life. Why? Because there is a chance that it will save your life, or perhaps it already has.

Now you have a scientifically backed reason to feel gratitude in the presence of your eczema and allergies. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be thankful for this predisposition towards inflammation. Nevertheless, here it is!


A ground breaking study has confirmed that those living with eczema, asthma and allergies are linked with having a 30% LESS chance of acquiring the brain cancer, glioma.

Glioma is a very nasty tumor which affects the supportive tissue in the brain. The prognosis, if you are diagnosed with aggressive glioma, is bleak.

Less than 10% of people will survive past five years, with the most common life expectancy sitting at an unfortunate 14.6 months.

The cancer develops thin tendrils around the mass within the brain in a manner which makes it exceptionally difficult to completely remove. This means that aggressive surgery and chemotherapy is often required.

They’re not sure yet how exactly having eczema and related conditions protects the brain from forming this cancer, but if there is any reason to celebrate our over-active immune systems, then this is one of those moments.

So although it sucks being prone to having red, itchy skin at the mere thought of using soap, or from drinking a beer, today let's have a reason to love our inflammation – in all its shades of red!

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