Eczema Diet: Breakfast Recipe


Eczema Diet - Breakfast Recipe

There is no doubt that diet can play a crucial role in eczema outbreaks or recovery. Today I share with you one of my regular breakfast meals, a delicious and super healthy smoothie.

I will run you through all the ingredients I us, why they are beneficial for eczema sufferers, and how this diet helped me work through the worst of my eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal.

You will need:


Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 x Pinch of Desiccated coconut
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 x .5cm peice Fresh Turmeric or 1/2 tsp in powder form
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 x .5cm piece Ginger (optional)
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 x Apple (cored)
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  5 Grapes (with seeds if possible)
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 x slice of Lemon
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 x piece of Pawpaw (Papaya)
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 x small piece of Rockmelon (Cantaloupe) or watermelon
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 x small piece of Mango
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1/4 Cup of Berries (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries)
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 x small portion of Spinach
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1/2 tsp x Maca Powder
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 tsp x Flaxseed Oil
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 tsp x Super Greens
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 x Banana
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point 1 x cup of water

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point 1 tsp of Probiotics (mix in after smoothie is blended)

Then blend it up good in the trusty old NutriBullet and Enjoy! 


I want to show you my super awesome recipe that I've been using every morning since I discovered that diet played a big part in healing my eczema and take you through why I choose to use each ingredient.


Just to start off, I wanted to quickly tell you about the Dirty Dozen list which I use as a guide when buying my fresh produce. It is a regularly updated resource produced by the Environmental Working Group's Shopper's Guide (EWG) which provides the top twelve 'dirtiest' foods generally found to have the most pesticide contaminants, as based on sample testing. The reason I like this list is because the body of someone with an immune issue like eczema (or going through TSW) already has a higher energy requirement from the constant healing as well as the often continued raging inflammation. So, by reducing the load on the liver, the body can direct more of it's resources where it's needed... at least that's my theory! So, although this list is only a guide and may vary from place to place, when shopping non-certified organic from the supermarket, this list can help point us in the right direction.  Another idea I've utilized is using a good quality fruit and veg wash which helps remove many external pesticides as well as other undesirables including molds, fungi, bacteria, and other not so eczema-friendly material from the exterior of the food.  Additional to the above, there is another list provided by the EWG called the Clean 15. This provides their top 15 foods on the safer end of the scale of foods least likely contaminated with pesticides, and as such, these foods should be pretty safe buy in the supermarket PLUS they wont break the bank.  The reason I felt it was important to tell you about these lists is so you can make a better informed decision when buying food for your smoothies


This recipe was literally created by two parts research and one part pot luck and I feel I eventually got it to balance nicely between taste and correct nutrition for me and what I was going through. That being said, while I totally feel this has been beneficial for me, it may not be for everyone. If there is an ingredient I list that you either don't like or you have a real problem with, then please for the love of all that is delicious, omit and add where you need in order to make it right for you. Now, enough of the small talk... let's get in to it!

Coconut for eczema

First thing is I use a pinch of desiccated coconut or a dash or virgin coconut oil. Whichever way you want to use it, just throw it in.

    • Side note - you might notice I don't have exact quantities for a lot of my ingredients because, well, near enough is good enough in my kitchen!

Containing good fats and packed full of antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties, the body and skin can really benefit from having coconut.

Turmeric for eczema

Whether it's a nob of fresh turmeric or a small amount of turmeric powder,  either are welcome in this smoothie as turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory and has some amazing healing properties, especially for eczema and TSW. Don't go overboard with the quantity of this one though as too much can make the drink quite bitter. Trial and error for turmeric is a must. Just as a bit of additional info; adding a little pepper when consuming turmeric actually helps it become more bio-available. So, if you really want to absorb as much as you can then pepper can be an awesome addition to your recipes... whether it works in a smoothie or not, I don't know! But, if you are the first to try it, let us know in the comments!

Ginger for eczema

With it's fresh zing-e-ness and oriental scent, ginger also contains antioxidants of its own as well as some great anti-inflammatory properties (although not as much as turmeric). Just a small piece added to your smoothie will totally change the overall appeal, but make sure to blend well as the fibers from fresh ginger have a habit of staying in-tact and not doing what they're told. 

Probiotics for eczema

Now, this one is super-duper important on so many levels but buyer beware that some probiotics can actually increase histamine levels, so its definitely worth doing your homework before buying. I've talked a bit about leaky gut and its connection to eczema and inflammation throughout the body, and probiotics happen play a key role in healing and improving this issue when taken regularly. The trick with adding to a smoothie is to leave it till after the blending process so the cultures aren't totally obliterated.

Apple for eczema

Either half or a whole apple, sans the core but skin retained, will bulk out the smoothie nicely with tastiness as well as many healthy and detoxifying benefits. Apple is also great for the gut and digestion and as such, can help improve the inflammation of those with eczema related to gut issues. 

Grapes for eczema

Just a small amount, not too much. Grapes can sometimes come with high amounts of sulphites which are known inflammation-antagonists for many people, but not only that, they can also be high in histamines, so it pays to err on the side of caution with these and only throw in a very small amount.   If you know that you can handle grapes and berries, then choose seeded varieties so you can get the benefit of these little antioxidant pocket-rockets that are packed full of nutrition.

Lemon for eczema

Purse your lips and call me crazy, but I actually add that slice of lemon with it's skin, seeds, and all. Every part of the lemon offers something for the skin and I just plum don't want to miss out! Obviously skin and seeds are optional, but to include all of it's bits you will be adding  some great natural oils and nutrients to that zesty body of yours.

Pawpaw (papaya) for eczema

This one right here! Will someone please knight this fruit! Pawpaw is not only very healing for the gut and low in sugar, it's also choc-full of antioxidants, aids in skin cell regeneration, and provides much needed nutrients to support the immune system of a suffering body.  Another good thing about pawpaw is every part of the plant is pretty much medicinal in its own right. I personally only use the pawpaw flesh for my smoothies, but the skin, seeds, and leaves all have benefits of their own. Simply put, get it into you!

Rockmelon (Cantelope) / Watermelon for eczema

Just like the lemon, rockmelon can be blended with it's skin and seeds for added benefits. Containing the anti-inflammatory Vitamin A and C as well as zinc, rockmelon is a great immune system booster and is interchangeable with watermelon (excluding the skin, of course!). 

Mango for eczema

Not only is mango the delicious epitome of Australian summers, but they also bring with them antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Only a small amount of mango is really needed to give your smoothie a touch of healing goodness.

Berries for eczema

As long as you can tolerate berries, adding them to your smoothie can deliver a rich skin-healing bomb of antioxidants, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as fiber to treat your gut right.

Spinach (leaves) for eczema

Just a small amount of spinach to green-out your smoothie will not only make it look like you are serious about your smoothies, but will also deliver loads of of fiber, zinc, beta-carotene, and other eczema-fighting compounds. If you are avoiding histamines however, then it might be a good idea to switch out the spinach with kale.

Maca Powder for eczema

The Peruvians were definitely on to something when they started using this root some 2000 years ago! Full of nutrition and hormone balancing benefits, Maca in its powder form has been very useful for those going through TSW.   The list of benefits for the skin and immune system goes on, but the best bit is that it actually tastes quite sweet and also gives a boost of energy; perfect way to start the day. 

Flaxseed oil for eczema

Containing a metric tonne of essential fatty acids and omega 3's to help nourish cell health and fight inflammation, add a teaspoon of flaxseed oil to your smoothie to make your smoothie a bit creamier and of course to heal your body from the inside out. 

Supergreens for eczema

As a stand-alone supplement, you cant get a more robust food than this. The immune boosting power it gives has shown a measurable change for me personally, and has been a staple part of my diet for donkeys years.  I call this ingredient Supergreens because that's what the label says on my bottle, but chances are that it may be under a different name in other parts of the world. Usually containing spirulina, barley grass, chlorella, and wheat grass leaf, this beautiful dark green powder is as nutrient dense as you can get and can really lend support and help heal the body. If you are looking for a supergreens to try, my recommendation is to avoid products containing yeast as yeast is known aggravator for eczema. 

Banana for eczema

This ready-to-go meal basically forms the basis for the entire smoothie. I will add one or one and a half bananas either fresh or frozen for a more creamier textured breakfast.  I love the flavour of banana, and it is also generally easy for the tummy to digest. Oh, and it too has its own antioxidants, important vitamins, and histamine lowering nutrients, just so you know!


Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Eat seasonal!

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Don't forget to add water to your smoothie before blending. If water is too bland for you, try coconut water instead.

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Don't add juices as the smoothie is already a flavour bomb.

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Yogurt is another good additive for getting good flora in to your tum tum's!

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  If using the Nutri-Bullet, the blender cup doubles as the receptacle from which you drink. Just screw off the base once blended, screw on the little handle or lid, and you've got yourself a travel smoothie mug.

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Wherever possible I try to source in-season certified organic ingredients, but this is not suited for everyone.


This recipe is not going to work for everyone, but hopefully it has done it's job by inspiring you to think about what you are putting in to your bodies and how it can help or hinder your eczema. Healthy food is fun AND delicious when you give it the chance, so make it your own, embrace it, switch it up to suit you, do whatever you need to enjoy the process of eating for your health.

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