Bone Broth Recipe – Super Simple!


You will need:

Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Large stew-style pot
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Fine mesh colander
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Chopping board
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Good knife


Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  3kg approx. (7lb) of bones including connective tissues, fat, cartilage, meat etc
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  4 sticks of celery chopped into quarters
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  4 unpeeled carrots chopped into quarters
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  1 leek chopped into quarters (the white part only)
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  2 TBSP apple cider vinegar
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Water (enough to cover everything)
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Himalayan salt to taste (I use ½ TBSP)
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point  Black pepper corns to taste (I used a good TBSP)


Eczema Treatment Bullet Point If you intend on feeding some left overs to your pet, then take the solids you want out of the pot at the end, then only add the leek, salt, and pepper afterwards for the last hour or so of cooking.
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point Using organic meat, bones, and vegetables where possible, as well as filtered water, is ideal – but not mandatory.
Eczema Treatment Bullet Point Adding herbs such as parsley or rosemary are optional and I never really noticed a huge difference in taste when I did.

Step 1. Put all ingredients in the pot and cover with water. Ensure the water is at least a few inches from the top of the pot as it can easily boil over.

Step 2. Allow to slowly bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer immediately.

Step 3. Let simmer for 24 hours, then check the taste. If you are happy with the flavour, and are discarding the solids afterwards, then strain through the colander into heat-proof jars or containers and let cool to room temperature before putting in the fridge or freezer.
* Glass jars can easily break when put straight into the cold. I learnt this the hard way!

Step 4. It is optional to cook for longer, up to 72 hours. I personally found the taste was at its best between 24 and 36 hours.

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