The Benefits of Baking Soda in Eczema Relief


Eczema and Baking Soda

Baking soda, bi-carb soda or sodium bicarbonate, whatever name you know it as, you will most likely recognize it as the common household mineral that sits at the back of your pantry and only gets used occasionally for baking.

Not to be confused with the other common household staple, baking powder! Baking soda is also used for countless other purposes from cleaning floors, appliances and clothes to whitening teeth, helping flush UTI’s, using as a deodorant and treating insect bites, this flexible little product is a must for every home.

One of the uses not so commonly spoken of is its potential skin soothing benefits, which some eczema sufferers are now utilizing as a treatment. While baking soda has been used successfully by some eczema sufferers, it doesn’t seem to be as popular as bleach, salt or green clay baths. This could be due to the fact that it is just a lesser known form treatment.

Much like bleach and hydrogen peroxide, it is very alkaline, which creates imbalances in the pH of the skin. This, as I have spoken about in other articles, is not very beneficial to the skin. 

Also a good number of people with dermatitis also suffer from allergies and one of the precautionary measures of taking a baking soda bath is to avoid it if you fall into this category. Which is most, if not all, atopic dermatitis cases.

Eczema benefits of baking soda 

For those who can tolerate baking soda on the skin, the benefits of this treatment are said to include a reduction in inflammation, deep cleansing to help clear bacteria, is anti-fungal, detoxification of the skin and a natural antiseptic. Not to mention it is said to provide some very soothing benefits to the irritated, eczema ravaged skin.

Similar to salts, baking soda has a very gentle cleansing and antiseptic quality which is great for cleaning nasty bacteria from irritated eczema or dermatitis. Said to help reduce inflammation and rashes and even to detoxify and strengthen the skin, this product seems to be well worth the try even just for the fact that it is probably already in your home otherwise is so easy and cheap to obtain.

As always, do your research and patch test before diving in and of course, use it with caution:
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

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1 year 3 months ago

Baking soda is my go to. Oddly ive never been abke to tolerate epsom salts or dead sea salts. It stops my weeping gently. So does msm powder!

Larry McReynolds
Larry McReynolds
1 year 3 months ago

Just make myself a baking soda drink to get rid of a bad eczema outbreak and it has worked wonders in 16 hours. I drink a lot of beer, diet coke and have a very high carbs diet. I need to fix all of those things as well but I drank a teaspoon baking sode mixed in water and bathed in it and my skin is almost clear. I can tell the flareup is already less intense. 20 years with medicines and steroids is hopefully over.